Poke Run is useful Android Application for PokemonGo players, let your mobile screen keep awake.

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Download our app then start PokemonGo, then let eggs hatch !!!

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Poke Run helps you to hatch eggs in PokemonGo, since PokemonGo doesn't prevent mobile screen from sleeping while playing it, Poke Run does.

so now you can activate Poke Run and keep PokemonGo running with battery saving option, that will help you while walking or driving to let PokemonGo running and calculating KMs for hatching.

Prevent mobile screen from sleeping while playing PokemonGo

Lock mobile screen from touching while walking and running PokemonGo.

Make mobile screen black or low light while playing PokemonGo to save battery

Keep PokemonGo in foreground

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